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Eating or dining out in a restaurant can be so much fun until you find out that you have been doing it wrong. To be a gentleman is not a day’s job. We are not born with an innate knowledge of the right table etiquettes, hence, the importance of learning either watching others do it or reading.

Dinning at a top restaurant or a five-star restaurant, as some would call it can be “a very intimidating experience”. An experience that comes with a desire to impress your host and put on an elaborate performance.

There are many questions people eating at restaurants (especially the fancy ones) especially first-timers ask themselves to avoid embarrassment. Questions like “how am I supposed to hold my fork?”, “what do I order?”, “Where does the napkin go?”, “is my dressing appropriate” (especially ladies), “can I burp?” the truth is it’s okay to not know the answers to these questions.

To help you act like a gentleman and be a gentleman at dinner tables or in restaurants, here are a few tips.

Napkin arrangement

It advisable to always wait for a signal from your host, by allowing him/her to place the napkin in an orderly manner on their lap then follow suit. This will go a long way in showing your host that you are well mannered and have respect.

In case you’re on a date, you should wait for the waitress to fold it into a triangle and place it on your table. If the waiter doesn’t show you that courtesy then it is advisable you do it yourself.

In some situations where you have to use the convenience, the napkin goes on your chair and when you’re done eating the napkin should be placed on the left side of the table. If the napkin should accidentally fall on the floor, hygiene demands that you ask for a new one. Read more!


Trust me, nobody can condone people that operate their phones on the dinner table. I find it extremely rude and annoying. Here are some tips on what to do to have a fun-filled time with your host:

Firstly, do not operate your phone on the table.

Secondly, do not receive phone calls as it might distract others.

Lastly, do not keep your phone on the table.

However, leave your phones in your bag or pockets. The important thing is to keep it far away from your host or date to avoid coming off as rude.

Using cutleries

Always put your cutleries right back on the table after using them. The cutleries are usually arranged according to the number of courses to be offered. It is advisable to start with the cutleries at the farthest.

Be polite to the waiter

How you communicate with the waiter speaks louder to your host. (Trust me! no one likes a disrespectful person). The perfect way to treat the waiter with respect is by ordering politely. Don’t ever think you know more than the waiter.

If you have to correct the waiter, do it politely. Politeness has a lot to say about your attitude and the way you see other people.

I know these tips might be a lot to take in. So, start little by little and see yourself being the best gentleman at the table (This might even help you win your guest over instantly). Learn more details at: https://www.foxgourmetfoods.com/eating-takeout-and-dining-in-what-you-need-to-know-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic/

Eating Takeout and Dining In: What You Need To Know During the Coronavirus Pandemic

From CBD oil to herbal remedies, there have been a lot of things mentioned in the fight against Covid-19. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this virus as yet and it’s scary because it doesn’t discriminate. The virus attacks people from all walks of life, all ages, and leaves nothing but devastation behind. For some, they don’t want to believe a pandemic is happening; it’s understandable but everyone handles this in their own way. As some restrictions ease, more people want to look at ordering takeout and dining in. Is it safe, and what do you need to know before you order takeout?

Never Use Utensils Provided By the Takeout Outlet

A lot of restaurants and takeaway establishments provide napkins and throw-away cutlery with their takeout meals but they pose a risk. While the people preparing your food are likely to follow good hygiene and the kitchen is clean, that doesn’t mean the virus can’t get you. It takes one person in that kitchen to wrap the cutlery and leave traces of the virus on them. You then handle those items, touch your mouth and you’re infected. It doesn’t matter if you want to try CBD meals, Chinese, Italian, or any other kind of food, never use any utensil provided by the restaurant. You do not know who has handled them before you do. For safety, use your own cutlery. For more details, visit: https://www.foxgourmetfoods.com/common-questions-about-cbd/

Remember To Cleanse Your Hands Before and After Your Meal

It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering from your local five-star restaurant or little Chinese takeaway, there are risks. It’s essential to wash your hands before and after you eat. Unfortunately, a lot of people believe they’re healthy enough to fight off any virus and since they use CBD oil, they’ll fight off any Covid-19. That’s the wrong stance to take because it has already shown how ruthless the virus is and what it can do to those who were fairly healthy. It’s deadly and that’s why washing your hands before and after you eat is important because soap and water can kill germs and bacteria.

Stay Alert to Local Outbreaks among Takeout Establishments

While it’s unlikely the virus can be spread through food, you may come into contact with a delivery driver or someone who works at the restaurant. They could have it. That’s a scary prospect because the coronavirus attacks everyone and it’s a deadly but quiet killer. Some will have recognizable signs such as a high fever and a new continuous cough; however, others may be asymptomatic and develop no signs. Unfortunately, they may pass the virus onto you. So you need to be aware of local outbreaks, especially if there have been cases within a takeout establishment. CBD meals may be popular but if there’s an outbreak somewhere, avoid until the restaurant is clear.

How Safe Do You Feel Ordering Out?

There is a lot of opinion over the coronavirus and the ‘new normal’ the world faces, but the reality is this pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon. Businesses are adapting to a new way of life and most people are doing the same. That doesn’t mean to say you should be slack over staying safe, especially when it comes to ordering in. Eating takeout food mightn’t be something you’re comfortable with as yet and that’s understandable. You decide when you’re ready, but if you are ordering in, be very careful. CBD oil and other herbal remedies won’t protect you against the virus; you can do your part by washing your hands before and after eating and using your own utensils. Know more here!


There is this joy that comes with dining out or going on a date. The excitement (especially when it’s not a casual date) that comes with having to pick out a dress, footwear and even the jewelry.

It is a very fun experience, because you get to go out, sit down, order food, eat, pay and of course walk away without having to attend to the dishes. It is something everyone want to experience. Also checkout https://www.foxgourmetfoods.com/how-to-cook-with-cbd-hemp-cannabis-oil/ for how to cook with CBD.

How the restaurant influences our mindset

While the experience may sound interesting and alluring, there are so many things people still don’t get to do right. The “restaurants unspoken rules” that are hardly talked about. They’re hardly talked about because of course it’s a restaurant and you should be served.

Servers, hosts and bartenders may have to deal with over a hundred different diners/customers weekly. Being courteous as a guest will go a long way in making their jobs easier.

I’ve read several times on the daily post of servers being interviewed. Once in an interview, a server was asked why she was so irritable to customers and she said “the diners are so mean and rude sometimes” just imagine having to deal with, let’s say over fifty rude customers weekly.

This goes a long way to say our behavior towards them and the restaurant influences their behavior towards us sometimes.


What people do in restaurants that is wrong


You may not know this but it is very annoying when diners snap their fingers at the servers. This is one of the various ways to become the server’s least favorite customer. Instead of snapping fingers, say excuse me or politely indicate you need them by a discreet wave of the hand. Smiling while waving will definitely help the situation.


These items are germy and irritating to touch by servers. It is a very disgusting thing to do and let’s not forget that germs are spread that way too.


It is expedient of you to not do the aforementioned. Asides the fact that it makes the waiter think of you as a jerk, that particular attitude has a lot to say about you as a person. It is obvious that part of the appeal of dinning out is the freedom from dish duty, but that doesn’t mean customers should leave a massive mess in their wake for staff to deal with. I know these waiters are there to serve you, but it wouldn’t hurt if you make their work a little easy.


Switch off your phones! It is very wrong for your phone to ring in restaurants. Most people don’t know this but it is really disturbing. You are not only disturbing servers, you are disturbing other customers. Click here to know your table manners.

But you should TIP GENEROUSLY, I know you don’t owe them the tips but it helps a lot. If you tip the waiter well, the next customer wouldn’t have to be at the mercy of an irritable waitress.